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Lee Hecht Harrison, Inc. (Chicago)
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JK&B Capital
Health Net of California, Inc.
Lee Hecht Harrison, Inc. (Phoenix)
USA Today
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WBZ (CBS), Boston, MA
WAZN, Boston, MA
KXYL, San Angelo/Abilene, TX
WGHT, Newark, NJ
KGO, San Francisco, CA
Cincinnati Enquirer,
Cincinnati, OH
WSMB, New Orleans, LA
WAVA, Washington, DC
Metro Source Radio,
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WTKF, Newport, NC
WBRV, Lowville, NY
WSMB, New Orleans, LA
WHHO, Hornell, NY
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PCNC (NBC), Pittsburgh, PA
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KTKT, Tucson, AZ
WYLL, Chicago, IL
KCLU, Thousand Oaks, CA
KIWX, Victorville, CA
WGBF, Evansville, IN
KFWB, Los Angeles, CA
KTKC, Sacramento, CA
WCWA, Toledo, OH
WGNY, Newburgh, NY
WDUN, Atlanta, GA
WMUZ, Detroit, MI
KEYS, Corpus Christi, TX
KIKK, Houston, TX
WKRC, Cincinnati, OH
KYMO, East Prairie, MO
WWIB, WOGO, Eau Claire, WI
WITI Fox 6, Milwaukee, WI
WLMX, Milltown, WI
WDEO, Ann Arbor, MI
WMUZ, Detroit, MI
WVWA, Tuscumbia, AL
WERC, Birmingham, AL
Kansas City, MO
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KBAD ESPN, Las Vegas, NV
WIBX, Utica, NY
KGET, Bakersfield, CA
WLAD, Danbury, CT
KID, Idaho Falls, ID
Terre Haute, IN
KGAL, Lebanon, OR
WAQY, Springfield, MA
WWLZ, Elmira, NY
Roger Fredinburg Show,
Radio America Network
KCLU, Santa Barbara, CA
KPSI, Palm Springs, CA
KUOA, Siloan Springs, AR
KCKN FOX Sports,
Kansas City, MO
KTBB, Tyler, TX
WGCH, Greenwich, CT
KSCJ, Sioux City, IA
KXAM, Phoenix, AZ
G. Gordon Liddy Show,
Westwood One Radio Network
KBRK, Brookings, SC
WHK, Cleveland, OH
KEX, Portland, OR
KBZZ, Reno, NV
WFIN, Findley, OH
KRLA, Los Angeles, CA
KRLA, San Diego, CA
WSBA, York, PA
WNTA, Rockford, IL
KSMA, Santa Maria, CA
WGL, Fort Wayne, IN
KAAA, KZZZ, Bullhead City, AZ
KJZZ, Phoenix, AZ
KYMO, Sikeston, MO
WSRC, Raleigh, Durham, NC
1120, Newton, MA
KFNX, Boston, MA
KFNX, Providence, RI
KFNX, Phoenix, AZ
WICH, Norwich, CT
Rob Stearns Live Events provide pragmatic, leadership training workshops, seminars, and multi-media programs that empower individuals and enterprises to understand and overcome major losses.

Rob Stearns’ thought-provoking perspectives stimulate individuals, businesses, and organizations to recover more effectively from defeat. At the heart of Rob’s presentations are two intriguing questions: Why do some individuals rebound after personal losses? And, why do some enterprises rally after competitive disasters? Rob’s refreshing approach to these issues and the topic of leadership will take you on a reinvigorating mental journey. Fortified by real-world examples and always tailored to your specific enterprise, a Rob Stearns Live Event will change your thinking and your behavior. You will perceive defeat with greater clarity. You will act more purposefully to improve your odds of winning again. And, you will absolutely know yourself and your enterprise better.

Rob Stearns understands losing and winning. As a successful entrepreneur, executive, and educator, he also experienced the trauma and loneliness of personal and professional defeat. WINNING SMART AFTER LOSING BIG examines this personal rhythm of defeat and victory and relates patterns of personal behavior to leadership development and enterprise recovery. Every Rob Stearns Live Event builds on the messages in WINNING SMART AFTER LOSING BIG by blending real-world examples of defeat and victory with humor, inspiration, and ultimately, straight talk about how to get back up after suffering a big loss.

Schedule a Rob Stearns Live Event for the people in your company or organization. They will come away energized and more resilient. And, they will be armed with a practical philosophy regarding recovery and leadership plus a game plan to jumpstart their next win.

WINNING SMART AFTER LOSING BIG will stimulate you and your organization to:
  • Update your traditional thinking about losing, winning, and leadership
  • Use losses as incubators for leadership training
  • Recognize the five, and only five, ways to influence whether you lose or win
  • Identify when and what you are losing
  • Understand the true causes of your loss
  • Assign correct responsibilities for losing
  • Escape the “loop” of replaying your loss
  • Discern how you think and how you feel about losing
  • Enhance your independence by selecting the right help
Rob Stearns Live Events provide:
  • Detailed and pragmatic insights regarding how to overcome personal and professional losses
  • Memorable, uplifting, and highly interactive multi-media experiences
  • Opportunities to build leadership and genuine trust among the people in your enterprise


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