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Get to know the author of WINNING SMART AFTER LOSING BIG.

Rob Stearns has experienced the despair and euphoria that accompanies living the American dream. Nurtured by a loving family, he received an extraordinary education, worked hard, achieved senior leadership positions in prominent corporations, and built his own businesses from scratch. Big money. Popularity. Respect. But, spliced into these extraordinary highs were a series of crushing lows. Early death of his father. Loss of a job. Divorce. Loss of a fortune. Loneliness. Self-disdain.

Here's how Rob describes his journey in WINNING SMART AFTER LOSING BIG:

". . . Imagine swinging on a vine from treetop to treetop and you get the general idea. Now lengthen the vine just enough so that each graceful swoop produces a crash landing on the jungle floor, a good deal of dragging and scraping, then a leg churning lift-off to the next tree. That's really closer to the truth . . ."

Rob understands losing big and winning big. In business. In life. And, Rob speaks with personal insight about the rhythm of losing and winning and losing and winning. That's why he invites you to explore his philosophy about losing and recovery. He promises no magic formulas for instant success. Just clearheaded thinking and plain talk to boost you and your enterprise towards your next win.

Rob Stearns - the specifics

Harvard University, BA Cum Laude
University of Chicago, MBA
DePaul University, JD

Career Highlights:
Vice President of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, Inc.
Managing Director, Lehman Brothers, Inc.
Head of Investment Banking, UBS Securities, Inc.
President, R. B. Stearns and Company, Inc. (International Investment Banking)
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Dial Corporation
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Columbia/HCA Corporation
President, Quantum Aesthetic Surgery, Inc.
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, PacifiCare Health Systems, Inc.
President, Vascular Genetics, Inc.
President, Progo Communications, LLC


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