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Rob Stearns Live Events are about losing and winning. You should attend a Rob Stearns Live Event -- or schedule one for your organization -- if you have suffered a loss that hurts you in the stomach or puts a lump in your throat or dries your mouth or weakens your knees . . . Rob Stearns Live Events are for anyone who feels nauseous or aghast or fearful or guilty for suffering the most common of human occurrences, a loss.

“For you, as a leader, moments of loss are astonishingly important. These are precisely the instants when you earn or dispel the trust of the people in your enterprise. These are unquestionably the seminal trials of your judgment, wisdom, fortitude, vision, patience, and compassion that determine with clarity whether you merit the trust of your followers and the trust of yourself.”

“When I say ‘win’ or ‘lose’ . . . do you really know what I mean? We use these words so frequently that their definitions seem hardwired into our brains. Exploring this circuitry, however, reveals two surprises. First, everyone’s wiring is not the same --our definitions of victory and defeat actually vary. And second, we are not hardwired after all --we can change, or at least try to change, our perceptions of winning and losing as well as our actions during and after a loss.”

“Enterprises are more productive when their people understand that losing and winning are human, not institutional, phenomena. Individuals who understand losing and winning are better prepared to reorient their enterprises.”

“Winning is not going down with the ship. Winning is wheeling the ship out of danger. And, if sinking is certain, then winning is getting your dependents and yourself safely off the ship. To win, you must survive.”

“Your next win will not undo your loss. Your next win will occur beyond the horizon of your loss.”

“When people talk to me about losing, their most frequently asked question is, “What will my children think of me?” A close second is, “What will my spouse think of me?” A slightly distant third is, “What will my friends think of me?” . . . Your children love you because you are Mom or Dad, not because you were Vice President of InterOblivion Industries, not because you were rich, not because you were beautiful, not even because you were healthy.”

“In a marriage bonded by love, crisis coins trust. Tell your spouse everything.”

“Independence is not code for “Me against the universe.” Independence has nothing to do with spurning all help. Independence in a highly inter-dependent real world is simply the unfettered use of your mind to make choices.”


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